I’m Annakate Tefft Ross, and I’m a food blogger in Nashville, Tenn. In my real life, I’m Director of Digital Services at mp&f/d, the digital services division of McNeely Pigott & Fox Public Relations, an award-winning PR firm in Nashville.

My mother has always said she loves feeding people, and as I’ve gotten older and started cooking more for others, it’s something I believe in, too. I love how food not only nourishes us, it connects us to our heritage, families, memories and homes. On this blog you’ll see my meanderings in the kitchen, explorations of ingredients and recipes, trips I’ve taken, restaurants I’ve explored, and beyond. Hope you enjoy!

And by the way, this blog used to be called “La Aguacate.” I changed it because no one could pronounce, search it or remember those words! The backstory on La Aguacate is this: I studied abroad in Valencia, Spain. When Spaniards would pronounce my name phonetically, it would sound a lot like ‘aguacate,’ the word for avocado. Aguacate became my nickname, and hence the name for this food blog. I know technically ‘aguacate’ in Spanish is masculine so it should be “el aguacate.” I, however, am feminine so I changed it to “la.”